Rashid Echesa has a different aspiration for the western region cummunity.The former cabinet secretary has insisted that the Luhya community must work harder to make sure they are in the ballot come 2022 general election.

Former CS Rashid Echesa speaking to an audience

Echesa has insisted that there is need for all luhya leaders to have a common political path in 2022 something that would he thinks would prove to be of help for the region.

Speaking to Nyota fm,Rashid made it clear that there is a bigger chance for the western communities to come together lamenting that the luhya community for a long time has always given its full support to ODM leader Raila Odinga with no benefit from him.

Rashid has voiced his concern for support on ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi come 2022 saying he would give his full support to him as he stands to be the most appealing candidate from the region revealing that he will give his best to ensure that Musalia is in the presidential ballot in the next general election.

Rashid Echesa has been on the controversial end of criticism and even arrested concerning the Malungu killings.

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